Portfolio: Casa Magica de Juguetes

Responsive Multi-Website (two sites in one) + Import Youtube Videos to Posts

This was my first independent project. The Youtube channels Casa Magica de Juguetes (Magical House of Toys) and Villa Juguetes needed websites to have their Youtube videos and a place for fans to be able to reach out to them.

The website is 100% responsive, which means that it will re-arrange itself to different sizes on desktop and mobile devices to always look its best.

I found a nice WordPress theme that needed a little customization. I customized the menu to make it colorful and more attractive to kids. The website shows the videos by categories and each video has their own post where fans can watch videos. Fans are able to search for their favorite videos and connect to the different social media sites. 

Each website has their own domain name but lives in the same WordPress installation. That way, administrators and editors can switch between websites easily. Also, this centralizes all data and makes it easier for developers and owners to maintain it.

Both channels get their secure SSL certificate (to make them https) automatically and free every 75 days.

The websites are integrated with a customized Youtube video importer plugin. So, every time the Youtube Channels publish videos, one must just log in to the administration area, hit the import button to import the video and its description, edit its description (if necessary) and hit the publish button to make the post public.

The websites are also integrated with plugins to make them more secure, prevent spams, and for SEO optimization.


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