Portfolio: Klein College @ Temple University

Website Maintenance, Back-End Developer...

As an employee of Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication, I was a back-end developer in charge of maintaining over 20 WordPress websites in both multi-site and single-site environments. I also maintained a portal built with IIS, MySql, and a combination of C# and PHP. 

One of my prides was the creation of an internal portal page for our college inside our University’s employee portal by creating all the necessary PLSQL and JSP architecture. A second good memory was the independent migration of a website in a WordPress multi-site configuration into its own single-server configuration. I configured it to use both WordPress log in and TU’s LDAP authentication. I also moved most sites to Git version control and automated the creation and renewal of free SSL certificates using Letsencrypt (now known as certbot).

My work at TU had me doing everything from front end to (mostly) back-end. Most of the work was done using PHP, MySQL, JQuery, HTML and CSS. 

You can know more about me in the “about” page.

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